Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Budweiser offers us great commercials!

This wave is fabulous!

Budweiser and how to distract the oponnent:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spain vs. Portugal History.

Here a couple of historical futbol matchs between Spain and Portugal:


Eurocup 2004:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

England commercials. Football World Cup 2010.

Well, it´s not that I prefer England than Germany, I like both and actually in this game I´m with Germany, but I enjoy U.K. commercials anyway :D

For the match vs. USA:

For the match vs. Germany:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup 2010 for Iphone

This is a free download aplication that gives you a precise information about the matchs, the teams and also diferent nice curiosities.

Here some images for you to have an idea about how it is:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Spain in the Futbol World Cup History

Bad refereeing:

Mexico ´86, vs. Brasil:

Korea - Japan 2002, vs. Korea:

In English:

USA ´94,vs. Italy:

Sudáfrica 2010, vs. Honduras:

But we don´t want to keep bad feelings, so let´s see some images about the best of Spain:

In 2006:

Eurocup 2008:

Going to the World Cup 2010:

Because... we can!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Controversy due the way Villa celebrated his first goal against Honduras.

I´m talking about this moment:

The gesture is making a reference about this commercial:

And it´s being a controversy due Villa himself explained that his gesture was due a promise he made to his marketing agency. This is the first time in soccer that a goal celebration comes from a commercial.

Actually this is something common in other sports and in other countries, but, you see, talking about soccer goals, it comes to distort a little the excitement and spontaneity of the magic moment of a goal.

My best wishes for Villa celebrating a lot of goals, specially against Chile, but please, do it with your heart, not thinking about your pocket.

Honduras commercials World Cup 2010.

This commercial done by Univision gave some troubles:

as far as they had to give apologyses:

This one was done by ESPN, you see, Honduras at least got the space to play at the World Cup, other countries didn´t did even that...

"Nos vamos al mundial" from Heinz Kobernik on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BBC rainbow of colours. Football World Cup 2010.

With a lot of colours and great images:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coca Cola, history of celebration. Football World Cup 2010.

Let´s celebrate!

Spanish commercials. World Cup 2010.


Here my selection:




I want to be like the wind...


This one was for the Euro Cup... Impossible is nothing!!

Another great one for the Euro Cup:

Este me encantó:

y que está recordando este más que histórico momento:

Pero ahora tenemos un reto más importante...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Watching the game Italy - Paraguay at Grazie Mille, Madrid

Of course my team is Spain! But I also have other favorites. Italy is my second favorite team, after Spain, of course.

I was wanting to live the experienc of going to watch a match into a place where the fans of that country would be, trying to experience the game as if I would be in Italy... and it was like that! The selected place was Grazie Mille, that is a mix of restaurant, pizza, cafeteria y cocktail bar.

When I called to do the reserve, it was no possible to reserve more tables, we could go there but to watch it being standing. We went anyway, a bit earlier to try to get a good place.

We tried the tiramisu + capuccino offer, it was ok and a very good price.
Close to the time the match will start, they told us we should pay a minimum compsuption of 5 Euros per each one. It was ok, but if I would know that before, we would wait to take the tiramisu + capuccino. Anyway the prices there are quite ok. In general, I like the place a lot, the food is ok, I can´t tell this is the best Italian restaurant I know, but it´s is the one with best prices and as far as the quality is ok, great! :D

It was my first time watching an Italian game with Italians. I really felt like if I would be in Italy! Even the match was in Italian!

When the match started, everybody sang the anthem with proud. It was so impresive to saw them, they were so respectful when Paraguay made the first goal, of course not glad with that, but not giving a lot of importance to it. I also saw them getting excited when a good play was going on, and to claim when it failed, but in a very civilized way. I saw them yelling and hugging, kissing and congratulating themselves when Italy did the goal. Also was impresive to saw them clapping when the game was over, no matter it was a draw.

Here a resume of the match:

Marco Nurro and Fede Chicou were there doing a report for, yes! Sil and I were at the video! :D

I liked a lot the experience, but I can´t tell if I would do it again... at least I´m sure I won´t if the case is to be stand again. The place was great, the only negative thing was that time to time the signal was break. The point is that I can watch the games at home, in my great sofa, with a 42 inches t.v. and in HD... but living the excitment of the own country fans was also great! So, I should think about it! :D

Visa commercial. Football World Cup 2010.

Really good!

Horchatería Daniel: the best Horchata in Valencia!

This place is a whole temptation! Better don´t go if you are on a diet! ;P

It´s Horchatería Daniel... placed at Avenida de la Horchata No. 41, Alboraya, Valencia.

We went with Topo, the same day he prepared us the Pasta with schirms :D

We went to pick up Pochola first, then we walked a bit in Valencia and then we went to this place.
The building is a 3 levels house, all ocupied, at least that´s my impression, by the horchatería. It has different rooms, all very nice, and a great terrance.
Here the video:

It was a great moment with friends!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Netherlands´ commercials. World Cup 2010.

A lot of humor! :D

You see, I love dogs... but... ;P

Adidas at World Cup 2010.

Wow! Great advertising done by Adidas! :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Star Wars Cantina: a place to watch the World Cup games.

Amazing! If you are still looking for a cool place where to watch the World Cup, Addidas gives us the chance to experience it in a "galactic" envyroment! : D

You can even have the good luck of finding there experts like Beckham or Beckenbauer... watch it by yourself!

I just love it! Great mix of passions! : D

Mexico Commercials Football World Cup 2010

Some mexican commercials:

A successful Mexican busines in South Africa:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Football World Cup 2010 Curiosities.

I´ll be actualizing this post once I know more curiosities.


An historical success: the player Javier Hernández Balcázar, also known as Chicharito (little pea), is Javier Hernández Gutiérrez son, known as Chicharo (pee) that was also selected for playing the World Cup 1986... but... is also the grandson of Tomás Balcázar! That has played the World Cup in 1954! :D

In the game Korea - Greece

The player Jisung Park, that plays with the nummber 7, has done the first goal in the minute 7th of the first part of the game... and the second one in the 7th. minute of the second part!

In the game Argentina – Nigeria

Nigeria was the one that made Argentina to loose the gold medal during the World Cup in 1996.
The only one goal of the game was done by Heinze, one of the players that people in Argentina were claiming that shouldn´t be part of this year World Cup Argentinean Selection.


In some cities there are no enough hotels for the turists... so, some families are offering their own house with "packs" including meals. : D

Johannesburg Stadium

This is originally a rugby stadium, conditioned for being a soccer stadium during this World Cup. In this stadium was the game in 1995 that was the inspiration for the movie "Invictus".


Those are the "hats" the fans wear, not just for the World Cup, seems to be an older invention. It´s done using as base a plastic miner´s helmet, that is "tuned" for being some kind of personalized escenary for chearing your team. It´s also symbolic due mining is one of the most important economical activities in South Africa.
Here some pics:

England - USA

The first goal of the game was done by Gerrard, wearing the nummber 4... in the minute 4!! : D

The second goal is giving a lot of troubles to Green, before the game people in England wasn´t agree with him at the selection, after this error, everybody says it was a mistake to have him playing there. It´s sad, because yes, he did a mistake, but also a great job the rest of the game.


While watching the game, the commentators said there was a slovenian player that plays with FC Koln, that haven´t gone to an important training due a celebration party in Slovenia... just I´m afraid I didn´t got the name and I had search it in internet to confirm it, but haven´t find anything.

Zidane was watching the game suporting Argelia, here a pic crom

Ghezzal made a new record!

I´m afraid he choosed the worst waty to get into history! He got a yellow card a minute after getting in the camp... but also the red one at the 12th. minute! :(

Slovenia won

Not just their first game during this World Cup, but also in their World Cups´ history.

Serbia - Ghana

The Gahna´s coach is from Serbia!

Lukovic from Serbia was the third player with a red car in this World Cup.

A Ghana´s fan celebrated the goal running across the field! :D

Germany- Australia

Klose with his goal joined the maximum German player with more goals in a World Cup.

Slovaquia - New Zeland

The player Marek Hamsik, plays and lives at Napoli... some time ago, someone stole his Rolex. It was on the tv news... and the thief gave it back, quite ashamed... the thief was a Napoli fan!

ESPN commercial with Bono voice. Footbal World Cup 2010.

Wow!!! How good!

The World Cup commercials in Argentina. Football World Cup 2010.

Yeap! No dubts! The commercials tell a lot about the culture of every country!

This one is just great!

World Cup 2010: commercials all over the world.

Of course every country at the World Cup has faith about the possibilities of its own team for being the champion this year… and their respective sponsors also have the mission of making them to believe it.

So, I´m sharing with you my own selection of commercials in other countries… btw: if you know a spot that would deserve to be here, please let me know! :D

The countries I found interest commercials are:

(Once the post is online you could access to it clicking on the country name).











Here my selection of Spanish commercials:

(Under construction)

Here my selection of international commercials:

ESPN with Bono´s voice

Star Wars Cantina
(Under construction)

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Anthem of "La Roja". World Cup 2010.

A great video with the Poland - Spain friendly game escenes:

We can! :D

Football World Cup 2010. Introduction.

Well, it´s not that I watch all the soccer games during the year, but the World Cup.... this is something I never miss! :D

I think it started due my father, for him the World Championship was some kind of party... and this exactly how it is for me as well!

I´m wanting to share with you my World Cup passion with some posts related with it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Laser cosmos. My gadgets and other thingamajigs!

I think this is the king of my gadgets. We like to use it when we have guests at home, we usually ask them to stay at the sofa with the eyes closed for some minutes till all is ready, with New Age music at the background, all the windows closed... this is more or less what they watch when they open their eyes:

And this is more or less how they look while watching it:

You can buy it at IWOOT per 126 pounds or at latienda per 185 Euros, in both cases plus shipment.

We already have 3 years with it, actually right now is starting to give troubles, after a while of use, it start to double the lights (I mean, if you were following one dot, in a moment it turns into 2 dots moving together). Anyway, I strongly recommend it! : D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The video of Bon Jovi Concert, Rock in Rio 2010! :D

Yeeessss!!! I found the video of the whole concert! Maybe not the best quality, but enough for me as for remember that great night! :D

I found it at the blog:

Here the web where the video is placed:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today is the first strike. While passing by...

As usual, with a big difference between what the unions vrs. the govermment says, today takes place in Spain the first strike convened by unions.

Here a pic I took while passing in front of one of the institutions:

What can I say about this? I´m afraid a strike (or several) won´t be something to really make the govermment to change their mind... but! It´s something that should be done, the problem is that it means a day that they won´t be payed for and that won´t help anybody. Just the kind of things that should be done no matter if you already know it really won´t help and even maybe the whole opossite.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My sofa! My gadgets and other thingamajigs!

This sofa is a crack! Everyone that meets it, loves it! :D Just I´m afraid no pic really shows how it really looks in real life, the point is about the space, but well, I tried with 2 pics for you to have an idea of how it is:

Maybe the second pic shows it better, but I didn´t knew how to arrange the pic for not showing the lines of the different pics, sorry.

We bought it at La-Z-Boy. It´s in some how a puzzle because you can place them all together as the pics above or to place them separately:

It´s great for resting! But I´m afraid this is the kind of things your should try by your own, what I could write won´t be fair enough! :D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rock in Río Madrid 2010

Here some of my pics and videos:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bon Jovi in Rock in Rio Madrid 2010!


Here you can see the video of the whole concert, just I´m afraid the quality is not excelent.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pasta with Shrimps and Pedro Ximenez from Eufrasio Millán. Special Recipes.

This time the special recipe comes from Topo, Eufrasio Millán, a great Scrabble player that in 2009 had the first price of the Duplicates mode at the Scrabble in Spanish World Championship. But specially: a great friend.

He prepared this recipe for me and Curro on May 21st. We had been at his home during that weekend, also with Pochola. It was great!!!

The recipe is at the video:

Update of June 8th: a friend of the Scrabble web, Tonecha, used oregano instead of thyme and it was great as well! : D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Massage pillow I-need. My gadgets and other thingamajigs!

This was one of the most succesful gadgets the recent weekend that some of my Scrabble friends were at home.
I bought it 3 years ago at the Miami Airport and yes, I´m so happy with it! :D

It suposed to be just for the lumbar area but everybody tries it in other places as well, with very well resoults. Here you can see Montse using it at the head, for example:

Here a video that shows how it works:

You can buy it at  Brookstone, the usual price is 59.95 US$ but! Right now is on sale at 29.99 US$!!

Of course I recommend it! :D :D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First International Night Tourney “Igotita´s Home”

Hehehehe I know! A big name for just some games at home, but you see, the way that all matched was deserving a big name! :D
On one hand, Patxi and Montse were sure about coming to play the Madrid Tourney just few days before. Otoh Héctor Klíe, the current President of the Scrabble in Spanish International Federation, was in Spain due vacations. The really special thing was that by coincidence Patxi and Montse went back to Girona on Monday 31st. morning… and Héctor also was going back to his home in USA the same morning! How could I resist to try to arrange some games at home then?? :D

Héctor has his day so busy already, so we should talk around 9 at night to see if it was possible to play a bit. Due different reasons, Héctor arrived at home at 11.30 that night. Topo was also at home but ill, so he can´t play.

So the tourney was between Montse, Patxi, Héctor and I.

No matter we were playing just a few friendly games, we took it very seriously.

Here the resoults:

Héctor had the first place, Patxi the second one, so they play the final match… starting at 2.20 a. m.!! :D

Patxi won that game, 473 to 453, 3 and 2 scrabbles. So, they decide to play the revenge…

Héctor won this one, 550 to 378; 4 and 3 scrabbles. So… they decide to do a new revenge! Starting at 4.14 a.m.!!! :D

Héctor also won that one. 497 to 452, 4 and 3 scrabbles.

I was the public, the judge and “the coffee girl” hehehehe.

Actually it was so nice to watch Patxi playing, afterwards I asked him some whys and was so nice for me to note that I would took some same decisions. :D

Of course it was a Price for the first place! : D

At 5.00 in the morning we were telling good bye to Héctor and I went with Patxi to talk a bit while he was smoking… to talk about scrabble! Of course! Hehehe. Patxi and Montse went out at 6.00… Montse should go straight to work from the airport!

We also concluded that Héctor has some kind of “cameras sensor” Every time I made a click, he was smiling to the camera! :

Pics of Madrid Tourney last day and the night before at home

We had the honor of having the visit of the current President of the International Scrabble in Spanish Federation, Héctor Klíe and his wife, by chance they both were on vacations with their family in Spain. :D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Deers at Hogue Veluwe Park

Hogue Veluwe is a precious park in Netherlands. Quite big and with wondering things like a museum with Van Gogh paints... or the red deers as the ones at the pic. I took this photo on April, this year.