Sunday, December 27, 2009

Walking in… Burgos, Spain: for Xmas

Burgos is a precious city at the north of Spain. Curro´s family lives there, so we go there time to time and spend some time during Xmas and/or New Year Eve as well.

This time we went for Xmas and had a walk at the old part of the city, which is my favorite one.

Here our walk with day light:

And here with the magic of the night lights:

Burgos is famous due it´s cathedral. I like the whole city, actually I don´t understand why it is not more promoted as touristic place. I invite you to visit it!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Walking in... Madrid, Spain: Calle Mayor Xmas dressed

This is how Calle Mayor and Sol look like this year, dressed for Xmas:

I like the Xmas tree! :D

I wish you and all your beloveds a fantastic Xmas and a marvelous 2010!!!

Walking in... Madrid, Spain: Handcrafts Fair

In Madrid, at the Spain Square (Plaza de España), is taking place a Handcrafts Fair.

Quite a lot of different so good quality things, you can find from silk ties hand painted to glass earrings, from wood aticles to candles... better you give a look to my favorite places!

It will be open till January 5th. I do recommend to visit it! :D

And a view of the pond that is in front of Don Quijote, Sancho Panza and Cervantes statues. It´s almost freeze, something difficult to see in Madrid!

Monday, December 21, 2009

[h]arina, a Bread Oasis in front of the Puerta de Alcalá, Madrid

I insist: one of my favorite things is to discover culinary treasures just by chance.

This morning we were walking around the Puerta de Alcalá, it was so cold, so we were searching a place where to drink a coffee, at that same block there are a nice Irish pub, a VIPS and other nice places… but! We didn´t need to walk so far! A new bakery in Madrid! And in a perfect place! We should go inside! Once there, the interior (decoration) and the product, didn´t disapointed us, all the oposite, it got better once we discover there is a cafeteria as well!

Everything with a very good taste, “diferent” bread from the usual one in Madrid (more alike the German bread… and I already mentioned how much I like German bread!) and also including surprises that you usually don´t expect to find in a bakery, like nougat candies. Background music with a perfect volume, privileged views of the Puerta de Alcalá and… to smoke is not allowed! :D

The breakfast was quite good and the other options for eating or having a snack seemed to be nice as well. Coffee and tea specialties. It´s open from 9 to 9. It isn´t cheap, but… quality has a Price! And taking into account the quality of the place, I didn´t felt it expensive, I could say it´s alike Starbucks about prices.

Give it a look here:

I recommend it with no doubts! Remember to give a look into the kitchen! :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Walking in… Dortmund, Germany: Xmas Market.

Dortmund just continues wondering me!

I had the chance of meeting the Xmas Market in Dortmund. It´s a different concept of the ones I knew before, because instead of being placed in one specific square or a determinate space for it, it is actually all over the city center, mixed with the normal stores, churches and pedestrian streets. So, it becomes in some kind of the whole city center market! :D

I was also hallucinating with the things they sell… a lot of wood handcrafts, ceramic, candles, interesting xma´s lights, glass bombs hand painted… And if we talk about food… mmmmm!!! Great healthy options with fruits and vegetables, a lot of great bread (I love German bread!) :D and also street places for drinking something… but all, and I mean ALL with quite great taste!

You can give a look to it here:

As far as youtube says it´s blocked in some countries, here the version with youtube music: (the other one was with Enya… btw: great versions for Xmas music!)

Here the second part, with the world´s biggest Xmas tree:

Some videos talking about:

The tree:

And also the market:

Merry Xmas!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Walking in... Amsterdam, Nederland: Schiphol Airport

In some places the airport is the first tourist interesting place. What I like about Schiphol Airport is that you feel there like not being in an airport... but actually, I can´t tell the feeling is like being in a Comerical Center... maybe, in case I should compare with something, I would tell it is like a small city. There you have restaurants, shops sometimes with better sales than in the city even for Nederlanden products like cheese or souvenirs. Of course you have there a very comfortable internet place. A flower shop, art exhibitions... and even a Casino! :D

Enjoy some views here!

This is one of the airports I really don´t mind to have to stay hours there!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Walking in... Beijing, China: Marco Polo´s Bridge

This is one of the forgotten places of China. Not many tourists here, but it´s an important place, first of all as a historical relic, but also due an incident occurred in 1937, when the war with Japan.

Yeap! I recommend visiting it!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Walking in... Dortmund, Germany - Football World Championship 2006

This time I´m sharing with you how the streets of Dortmund looked like on June 30th. before the match of Germany vrs. Argentina. This match wasn´t played in Dortmund, but there was a fan´s space in the center of Dortmund, with a big screen and beer stands for watching it.

They even prepared a place, very close to the train station, where you felt like going inside a football camp at the middle of a match. The entrance was like the one for the players… here you can see:

Yeap! It was a great experience! :D

Friday, December 4, 2009

Walking in... Toledo, Spain

This is the normal bus travel of my friend Andrea while going to work from home:

First by bus to Zocodover:

And then walking:

Nice views! Isn´t it? :D

Walking in… Introduction

Yes, I know… I still have to write about the experience at Canaima, to finish the whole Venezuelan story and also the one about Argentina… but I´m with a lot of work till January and those stories need a lot of preparation (to take care of the pics, uploading videos…).

On the other hand, due work I have to be travelling to Toledo each week and yesterday I started to do something that I wish I would think about before: to take videos walking while doing normal working life in Toledo. That gave me the idea to do the same in other places, and I will… the pity is that during the last 2 months I had been travelling a lot and if I would think about that before, we already would have a lot of posts with videos! Well, at least I´m starting it now.

So, the idea of this new “section” is just that: to share with you videos of different places while walking / driving / going by bus there.

I hope you´ll like it! :)